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Our Real Estate Investment Services Marimo investments is committed to helping all investors to the Japanese real estate investment. We offer total support in areas including leasing & tenancy, rent collection & remittance, finance & reporting, building maintenance, and language support. There are many reasons why picking Marimo as your dedicated property manager is an easy decision.
As an English-speaking Japanese property developer, we have a unique understanding that will help provide you with complete peace of mind as we proactively manage your assets on your behalf and maximize returns on your investment. Check out our listings for different properties, including residential properties, condominiums, office space, and retail properties.

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The decision to award the 2020 Olympics to Tokyo has seen a significant upturn in the value of real estate across Japan. At Marimo, we have countless years of experience in value added estate investment, and have the expertise to provide you with a carefully tailored package of investment strategies that can ensure your success. We take care of all your investment needs.

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Having carried out more than 300 development projects in various parts of Japan, Marimo possesses market information covering all major cities in the country. We can make proposals not only for Tokyo but also other local cities, taking the regional characteristics of each city into consideration. Please feel free to consult us for all the latest news and views on the Japanese real estate market.

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Marimo offers support for customers planning to visit Japan. We can put together an itinerary for your trip, taking in the metropolitan Tokyo area, local cities that show the best potential for investment, and some sightseeing spots depending on our customers' needs. It is also possible to organise a group tour or individual tour for market research. Just tell us what kind of trip you have in mind.

Since Marimo was established in 1970 our growth has been characterized by a constant pursuit of innovation and improvement. Having completed over 300 projects in 40 of Japan’s 47 prefectures, our condominium brand “Polestar” has built up a strong reputation in the domestic market. Our ability to quickly adapt to market conditions has allowed us to seize opportunities and maintain steady growth. An understanding of the knowledge about true quality property is something we’ve learned from long years of experience in development. The time we’ve spent studying the Japanese property market allows us offer the oversea investors many different method to make investments.

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* Our multinational team accepts both written and spoken queries in English and provides language support for speakers of Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, and Bahasa Malaysia.

Each of Marimo investment team members are expert professionals at property investment advisory, with an acquired know-how of Japanese property investment. We are more than happy to support you by helping you develop your ideas about the properties in the pursuit of your goals. Also, our multinational team welcomes any inquires in English and can provide additional support for speakers of Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, and Bahasa Melayu.